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A well trained and dedicated worth force managed by efficient managers under the guidance of experienced and professionally qualified directors.Read More



From Carton Boxes, plastic containers to knot bags and PP sheets. See our entire range of products in this page.



Go through our gallery to see the various products and their usage.


Our Products

Mailing Bags (Courier Bags)

Mailing Bags (Courier Bags) LDPE Mailing Bags (Courier Bags)...


Bread Bags

LDPE Bread Bags printed LDPE Bread Bags manufactured by us are of...


Flat Bags

LDPE Flat bags Our LDPE Flat Bag is a strong plastic bag designed to...


LDPE Sheets with holes

Our LDPE Sheets are light-weight and has good impact-resistance. They...


Kidney Shaped Handle bags

HDPE Kidney shaped handle bags printed These printed kidney punch out...


LDPE T-Shirt Bags with holes

These natural vest type bags are transparent, colorless and ideal for...


HDPE Sheet

HDPE Sheets are used in various applications as they are having high...


Plastic Moulding Products

Plastic Moulding Products Packaging boxes having the brand image of...


Bags on rolls without Core

Our Polybags on roll are also available without core, ensuring you...


Bags on rolls with Core

Our High Density Poly Ethylene Bags on rolls with core are the most...


Charity Bags

charity bags are bags bearing a cause. These can be used to benefit...


PP Sheets

PP Sheets are economical and user-friendly material. These PP Sheets...


Blocked Bags

HDPE blocked bags Our Natural Blocked Bags can be used as an...


T Shirt Bags

Printed T-shirt bags We at Global Polybags manufacture High Density...


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  • The reputation of Manufacturing and Supplying polybags all over the world
  • Very strict Quality Assurance
  • On-Time Delivery Record
  • Also add 'We generate power to run or factory through our own windmills.
  • 100% export oriented unit
  • Fully automated, imported machinery


We use all varieties of packing materials and of all sizes. Our packing needs are sensitive. So we trust Global Polybags and their quality products. They never failed us in their services nor their products. Thanks to their quality products. Sri Kannan Departmental Stores,
For our packing requirements we need the highest quality of packing materials. Hence we trust Global Polybags and use their sturdy quality products for our packing needs. Their quality never failed us.Hotel Saravana Bhavan,
High profile products from Global Polybags are of the most sturdiest quality. We have been using their products for the last five years. Their delivery services are marked by high quality. Saravana Bhavan,
Packaging materials and Polybags from Global Polybags are of good robust quality. We always use Global Polybags products for our packing needs. Saravana Stores,
Marvellous products from Global Polybags. Rich in quality. We always trust Global products for all our packing needs. Like their products, their services too are excellent. Sree Kumaran Thangamaligai,
Global Polybags maintain the highest standards in their products. Not only their products. Their services too are impeccable and prompt. For all my packing requirements I trust Global Polybags. Vasantha Bhavan,
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Polybags of highest degree quality from Global Polybags are truly worth usable. They are neat in design and quality. We have been delivering our saree materials in packing materials from Global Polybags. They deliver on time.Pothys,

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